How to Protect the Post Tensioning Wedge and Anchor?

Wedge is a commonly used type of anchorage, belonging to the grip type anchorage. It is applied to the steel strand through an extruder. When the concrete solidifies to a certain strength, it can be tensioned. During using, the following points should be noted to ensure effective use.

1. The tool wedge is a 3pcs, and the working wedge is 2pcs. The two cannot be mixed. Work anchors cannot be used as tool anchors and cannot be reused;

2. Before use, apply lubricant to the outer surface of the clip anchor and the inner surface of the anchor plate cone hole, and regularly remove debris on the wedge surface to ensure flexible anchor withdrawal. However, when the wedge cracks or the tooth surface is damaged, it needs to be replaced and cannot be used again;

3. When there is floating rust on the stranded wire, please remove the floating rust and dirt on the anchoring wedge section and its outer end of the steel stranded wire, to prevent the floating rust and dirt from filling the red groove of the clamping plate during installation and tensioning, which may cause slipping;

How to Protect the Post Tensioning Wedge and Anchor?

4. Anchors and wedge should be properly stored and should not be rusted, watered, or contaminated with other debris during use. The working wedge can be used after removing the foam in the packaging box. However, when the prestressed tendon is long and it is necessary to repeatedly tension and anchor, it is recommended to apply a small amount of lubricant (such as anchor withdrawing spirit) in the taper hole of the anchor plate, which is not only conducive to the follow-up and anchor withdrawing of the working wedge, but also conducive to the multiple anchoring of the anchorage device;

5. The anchoring system should be used in conjunction and should not be mixed with other systems. If conducting a static load test, please clean the wedge anchor with organic solvent (such as gasoline) and wipe the anti-rust oil from the anchor plate hole clean, otherwise it will affect the anchoring performance.


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