Basic Requirements for Prestressed Anchorage

Anchors and wedges are tools for anchoring and clamping prestressed steel bars. Usually anchored at the end of the component, connected to the component and subjected to common force, without being removed, it is called an anchor. Anchorage is often used in components produced by the post tensioning method. The clamping or temporary fixing of prestressed steel bars during the process of tensioning steel bars and concrete forming, which are removed and reused after the concrete reaches a certain strength, is usually called a fixture. Sometimes the two can be interchanged. Anchorage and fixtures are one of the key factors to ensure the safety and reliability of prestressed concrete structures. The following requirements must be met when designing, manufacturing, and selecting anchors and fixtures.

Basic Requirements for Prestressed Anchorage

(1) Simple structure, convenient processing, steel saving, and low cost.

(2) The steel performance selected for prestressed anchor components should meet the specified indicators and the processing accuracy should be high. Safe and reliable stress; Low prestress loss.

(3) Easy construction and safe use.

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